Side Effects

If you are taking diet pills and planning to become pregnant soon or if you are rapidly gaining weight during the pregnancy, as a caring woman you may start to wonder whether its safe to take the pills prior to or during pregnancy. While some of them are approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for use during the pregnancy, it is not likely that your doctor will advise you to use them.

Two main types of dietary pills/supplements

There are two main categories of supplements: the supplements that are not approved by FDA and the ones that are. Its advisable not to consider taking the supplements during pregnancy that havent been approved, they might be ineffective, unsafe, or even both.
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FDA Approved Pills

Some of the pills, whether prescription or over-the-counter, have been approved by FDA. However, the FDA cannot guarantee the safety of the pharmaceutical for use during pregnancy; FDA usually rates the diet pills on an alphabetical order. Some have the FDA rating of B, this means that there is no evidence that the pills can harm the developing baby. While others have the pregnancy ratings of letter C, signifying that there is evidence of harm to the babies in the animal studies, however there havent been any human studies.

The diet pills are usually manufactured from a wide variety of substances, which could also affect your fertility. The most common of the ingredients is caffeine; caffeine is normally associated with miscarriage. The obstetricians usually recommend that the women who are planning to get pregnant to reduce their consumption of caffeine to an average of 100 to 200 milligrams daily. Many of the supplements actually far exceed this prescribed amount.

In general, whether the supplement causes any harm or benefit to getting pregnant, or are safe while being pregnant depends squarely on the pills that you are taking. However, even if the diet pill has the FDA rating of letter B, its essential to avoid using it during the pregnancy without first consulting your obstetrician; since the risk of harming the unborn baby is not the only concern, there is also the risk of not providing the baby with the sufficient nutrients.

Losing Weight And Tracking My Progress

We’ve been so busy with this lawn service the past two weeks.  We had a three lawns that were really tough.  Two of the jobs were on foreclosed homes.  The grass was so tall it was like hay.  Of course, there was all kinds of garbage in the yards we had to clean up first.  The third property we had to cut and clean up was for an individual who has been placed in a nursing home.  The lawn mower threw a piece of metal wire into the front of my leg cutting that yard.  Yikes…that hurt.   What a way to end a grass cutting season.

I’ve lost another 4 pounds in the past two weeks.  I’m going to have to start using my treadmill since the lawn mowing season is done for this year.  I have to force myself to get on that thing.  I wish I could walk where I live but it’s impossible.  I tried it once and was chased by two dogs.  We live in the country and people are not required to have their dogs enclosed in their yards.  Everyone but us allows their dogs to run loose.  I was a city mail carrier for many years and got bit a few times so I’m scared to death of dogs.  Then definetly sensed it when I tried to walk where they lived.

There are three reasons I am having success losing weight.

1.  Daily physical activity
2.  Eating Healthy
3.  Using a journal (track my food + activity)

It’s easy to see what is working for me when I can read it in black and white. There are many types of food and activity journals available free online.  At Bella Online (The Voice of Women), the site lists a dozen free online food diaries and diary templates.  Each one describes what is available with their journal.  Bella Online also has good advice on Healthy Eating.

Good Information on Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is a medical surgery for major weight loss. This operation is provided foremost for individuals who are very obese and who have considered physical excercise and diet regime but failed to lose significant weight. Bariatric experts recommend weight loss procedures for people with a BMI of at a minimum of 40 for people with serious coexisting medical conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Bariatric surgery will control the amount of food you can take in. Some procedures are also done to curb your craving or limit the quantity of food you can digest. One such treatment is gastric bypass surgery, one of the most commonly performed bariatric medical procedures in the United States. Gastric banding is also preferred to help morbidly heavy teenagers manage their morbid obesity. Over the last decade the procedures for weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass surgery have been refined in order to improve the final results and minimize dangers.

An effective weight loss surgical treatment is decided if the individual will be able to get rid of more than half of his / her body mass and maintain it for the following 5 years. Most individuals rapidly achieve significant weight loss immediately after gastric bypass and will continue doing so 24 months after the procedure. Up to 50-60% of excess weight may be dropped off even until 10-14 years after surgery.. A lot of individuals have also found to improve from numerous health-related difficulties such as sleep apnea, lumbar pain, high blood pressure, diabetes and clinical depression.

It is important to check with a experienced physician if you are contemplating weight loss surgery or bariatric surgical treatment for losing weight. It is furthermore recommended to contact other health professionals like your mental health expert and nutritionist in regards to the mental health issues and long-term objectives following the treatment. Make sure  that you strictly stick to their orders both before and following the medical procedures to make certain the success of the treatment and the integrity of your current overall health is secure from any complication.