How to co-ordinate your bedding and your window treatments

Your bedding and window treatment can look fantastic if they’re coordinated. For a brilliant complementary effect in your bedroom why not coordinate your bedding sets with your window treatments? Yeah, designer bedding sets may seem amazing but your bedroom will look much more appealing if your bed complements your windows. Here are a few tips to get your bedding and your window treatments coordinated:
Article source : – Girl Crib Bedding.

Choose one fabric which you want to use for your bedding or curtains. This should be a fabric which uses a color which can be utilized across other elements of your design.

Go to the paint section of your hardware store and select a few paint chips which you believe will match your fabric. Make sure you choose different but complementary colors to your fabric. Why not pick some paint chips which are a bit wacky to see if you can surprise yourself? Spread your chosen fabric across your bed and lay your selected paint chips upon it. You can now get an idea of what colors really work together. Choose the paint chips you think work best.

Take these paint chips to your hardware store and look through the window treatments to find one that matches. By picking a few paint chips you will not be disappointed.

Some other good things to note include: you should only pick floral bedding or floral curtains, both will cause a nasty clash and too much of one pattern is really overkill. If you do decide on two floral prints, perhaps use a large floral print for one and a small floral print for the other. Another option is taking a sample of your fabric to the store rather than taking paint chips home, so you can get the job done in one go. Once you’re finished, you’ll definitely be happy with your nicely combined and coordinated bedroom.