Weight loss patch

Weight loss patches are one of the newest fads to hit the dieting world today. The makers of the patches state that the ingredients that are absorbed through the skin are natural substances. They say that due to this they are much safer than other diet pills or products on the market. The premise behind the patches are that the ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the skin. This makes metabolism of the substances much faster than having to be taken by mouth and then go through the digestive system before it can be effective.

One type of patch that is very popular today is The Slim Form Patch. This patch combines a certain type of marine algae and other minerals which are said to stimulate a person’s metabolism by speeding up the function of the thyroid gland. They claim that this also helps to reduce the appetite of the person using the patch.

This type of patch is designed to be used by anyone who is over the age of 12 and in general good health. People with thyroid problems, endocrine disorders such as diabetes, and heart problems should not use this patch unless they consult with a physician first.

Another type of patch is The Hoodia Diet Patch. Hoodia is a substance that is obtained from a succulent plant from South Africa. Bushmen have been using this plant for years when they were on hunting trips. They would cut off a portion of the stem and chew it up. This would give them the feeling of being full. The bushmen also use this substance to help treat many digestive problems, such as abdominal cramping and indigestion.

The makers of the patch have isolated the elements in the plant that is responsible for stopping hunger feelings and also make the person feel full even when they have not eaten. They have then been placed in this patch. The wearer will absorb the ingredients through the skin. The extract then travels to the brain and gives the brain the signal that the body is full. This patch is considered all natural and there are no reported side effects with using this patch.

The patches have become very popular with dieters today. The patches work consistently or 24 hours a day, keeping a steady supply of the extracts in the blood stream. They are much more convenient for most people who would rather put on a patch daily than have to remember to take pills several times a day.